The Zini is always innovating and bringing to you with quality products.

  1. Fioccopan®

    Fioccopan is more than a breading as it is a meal for empanamento last generation, produced with a unique technology, ensuring a smooth grain, rounded and compact.

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  2. Fibrazin®

    Fibrazin, is a fiber (bran) pure, originated from a refined separation of wheat.
    wheat middlings are considered dietary food due to the high fiber content.

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  3. Polenta Lunella®

    Lunella is the polenta developed by ZINI that allows radically reduce production costs, distribution and storage, in addition to presenting great improvement in terms of sustainability and health for consumers.

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  4. Nhoque Patato®

    Patato is a potato gnocchi, healthy and fast, that only ZINI could invent. It is the first instantaneous mass in the world, developed with the preservation of natural resources (water, gas, electricity), which is ready in 3 minutes.

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  5. Multimassas Folhas Prontas®

    The leaves Multimassas Ready is generated from a simplified process which allows for greater uniformity of cooking and greater strength in the pan to 300%.

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