Base for light, tasty and exquisite sauces and creams.

Besciamella is a base, Bechamel type, produced by ZINI, ready to prepare sauces, soups and creams, with low fat and cholesterol.
It is a light product, healthy, economical, practical and easy to customize and can be prepared in countless ways.
Besciamella is ready in minutes: heat it up and season!. Its storage is simple and requires no special care
Besciamella is ideal for: cheese sauces, vegetables with creams, creams and mousses Sweets, Stroganoff, Soups, Puree, Roofs and desserts.

Put Besciamella in a blender and beat until obtain an uniform cream.
Pour the contents into a saucepan and heat. If necessary, adjust the consistency with milk, cream or water. Then add the spices according to the type of sauce to prepare (bechamel, white, rosé, four cheese), soup (cream cheese, heart of palm, asparagus, etc.) or cream (mascarpone, whipped cream, ricotta, etc. ).