Coxitta Zini

Flour for pasta and savory drumsticks in general.

Coxitta® is a pasteurized flour with high degree of pregelatinization of starch and gluten which enzymes are inactivated.

Main Features
• Standardization of Rheological Characteristics of Flour.
• Reduction of microbiological values due to the pasteurization process (thermal action and mechanical action).
• Increases water absorption capacity (compared on the same basis).
• Inactivated enzymatically.
• Thick in the presence of hot water by minimizing the cooking time.

Preparation Tip:
• Pasta for Snacks (minimizes explosion).
• Confectionary.
• fried confectionery (Minimizes oil absorption and improves the structure of the crumb).

Wheat flour enriched with iron and folic acid.