Fioccopan® It is not just bread crumbs


Crispy, dry and less fat coating.

Fioccopan is a coating breadcrumbs for next-generation of coatings, produced with a unique technology, ensuring a smooth grain, round and compact. This grain becomes lipophobic: it absorbs less oil than a grain of common breadcrumbs, has no micro caves.


Principais Características:
•Saves up to 70% of oil or fat;
•It enables the use of more refined oils and fats;
•Maintain adherence and resistance in coating freeze;
•Improves and standardizes the appearance of the food;
•Significantly reduces the overall cost of frying;
•Gives greater crispness and appeal to the food;
•It is healthier to the consumer.

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Preparation tip:
Place Fioccopan on a plate. Soak the food in the binder (egg or Fioccogel diluted in water) and cover with Fioccopan. Press for a better grip. Fry in hot oil (190 ° C).