The ideal batter: replaces the eggs in coating.

Fioccogel is a flour batter, which may be prepared with different degrees of viscosity in cold temperature.
The high adhesion properties of this batter, produced with the newest technology, allow to obtain an homogeneous product coating, eliminating any addition of ice particles that cause the risk of separation of the flocculated shell and the relative risk of burning frozen product during the deep freezing process, or even the loss of water vapor during frying process.

Produced from pure and selected wheat flour, Fioccogel has great binding properties, and can be used to coat meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and various other preparation processes, such as rapid freezing and frying.

Main Features:
• Easy and rapid rehydration
• Eliminate waste and saves money
• Great alloy properties
• Increase security in preparation
• Ideal for frozen products
• Can be used in the coating:
meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, etc.



Preparation Tip
Fioccogel dilute in water at the rate of 300ml water to 100g Fioccogel, and beat until smooth. Soak the food in the binder and cover with Fioccopan. Flick better grip. Fry in hot oil (190 ° C).