Flour for breading lipophobic corn-based

Fioccomil®, it is a flour latest empanamento, produced from pure corn flour (cornmeal), at high temperature and under high pressure, with revolutionary technology, based on the wisdom and tradition of Italy Zini, which inactivates the enzymes to while reducing the microbial load.

This processing enables production of a compact empanamento flour corn, spherical and smooth, and perfectly adapted to standard culinary requirements of the final product, because it is the first designed to save up to 70% of the frying oil (lipophobic).



Fioccomil® is ideal for all products labeled without gluten-. In addition to its empanamento features, Fioccomil® is considered optimal food supplement due to the high content of dietary fibers and natural dyes.


Mimoso cornmeal and salt. Gluten-free.
Store in a dry, ventilated and protected from light.