Flour for breading dry and crunchy

With less fat alternative to “Panko” imported

Fioccopanko® is a flour latest empanamento produced with a unique technology, through floculador which ensures a light grain and great look. This flake becomes lipophobic: absorbs less oil than Panko imported, has no micro caves.

Main Features FIOCCOPANKO®:

• Saves up to 70% oil or fat frying;
• Enables the use of more refined fats and oils (eg olive oil);
• Maintains grip and empanamento resistance to freezing;
• Improves and standardizes the appearance of empanadas;
• It would substantially reduce the overall costs of frying;
• crispness and apetitosidade the fingers longer;
• It is always available to be national;
• It is healthier for the consumer.


Wheat flour enriched with iron and folic acid, water, salt and natural dyes (Turmeric and Annatto). Contains gluten.