The unique empanamento based on whole wheat
Dry and rich in fiber

Integralpan® is the first full empanamento flour produced with a proprietary technology from whole grain. This grain is similar to Fioccopan® ensuring prolonged crispness. Aggregates the power advantages of “full” (immediately perceived by the consumer) and low oil absorption. There are two nutritional advantages of fingers which are integrated into a single product.

Main Features INTEGRALPAN®:

• Saves oil or fat when frying;
• Enables the use of more refined fats and oils (eg olive oil);
• Maintains grip and empanamento resistance to freezing;
• Identify immediately its integral feature;
• It would substantially reduce the overall costs of frying;
• Ensures crispness and apetitosidade the fingers;
• It is healthier for the consumer.

Whole wheat grain, precooked water and salt. It contains gluten, free from any additives or coloring.