Polenta Expressa®



Express Polenta and dehydrated: Creamy, fast and refined.

EXPRESSA is a corn-flour for polenta developed by ZINI that allows to radically reduce the cost and preparation time of creamy and classic polenta.
It is a major innovation in terms of sustainability (gas savings) and consumers health because it contains no additives.
The Polenta Express powder, through its unique steam cooking process, does not have the bitterness of normal cornmeal and can be served in the classic form of homemade polenta. It is the more economic pre-cooked flour on the market. Absorb five or six times its weight in water.
The Polenta Express ZINI integrates any dish of vegetable as a side dish or as a main dish when served with sauce, cheese, spices etc.
Eliminates the frying operation, contributes to the health, replacing the mashed potatoes in most recipes and is ready three to five minutes, low calorie, practical, fast and economical.

May contain traces of gluten.

Store in a dry, ventilated and protected from light.

For every 500g of Corn Flour for Polenta Express, add 2 liters of water. Along with the seasonings to taste light the fire and mix well until smooth. Stir for a few minutes to the extent that the product pulls away from pan, remove from heat and Polenta Express is ready.